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Experts in Coffee beans supplies, coffee machine rentals, repairs and services, barista training and mobile coffee bar events.

About Us

Our Story.

To say coffee defines us will be an overstatement, yet we wake up daily looking forward to making a better cup of coffee than we did yesterday. Having spent hours of training, we ‘STILL’ keep perfecting every cup that we serve to our clients.

Coffee has created a homey culture and a platform to engage people from all over Johannesburg.

Kynetic Coffee is a practical example of a heart-driven business to serve people by paying tribute to all coffee lovers and ensuring that we leave no stone unturned when it comes to service delivery.

Our Coffee.

The coffee that needs no introduction but those who have partaken of it can boldly testify of its great taste and aroma. Every sip is a buildup, enabling you to enjoy this fruity taste in a cup. Do not take our word for it and of those who have tasted but join us in this aromatic-tasty experience which is only beginning.

We have a wide range of coffee bean origins from Africa to South America and even northern parts of America.

We are known for supplying upcoming businesses with tailor-made coffee blends and office workspaces.

Our Services

coffee rental

Coffee Machine Rentals

Need to rent a machine? You are in the right place for a perfect rental solution that includes coffee beans with the choice of Coffee machine.

Mobile Coffee & Events

With a wide-range of coffee bars and barista we are just a phonecall/email away from your doorstep. We cater for Big and Small events like birthday parties, school function, work functions, funerals, weddings and private funtions. Our menu includes all hot beverages, freezos,cold beverages and artisan beverages. book us now

Coffee Machine Repairs and Servicing

Specialists in all types of coffee machine repairs servicing all of Johannesburg, we come to you or you drop your machine in one of our offices. Get a free quote and we will contact you in 12 hours

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